The “Pederzani Impianti” has always made quality as a strategic choice.

Over the years the “Pederzani Impianti” has achieved different certifications: starting from the quality system certification obtained in 2003 we’ve increased our diligence and our determination “to do always more” and in the following years we have achieved the environmental and the security certifications too.

In 2013, in compliance with the requirements of the law D.P.R 43/2012 we achieved the company certification FGAS in order to operate as installers and maintenance technicians of refrigeration and air-conditioning systems containing fluorinated gases.
Having implemented the Directive 97/23 / EC (PED) regarding the risks control and the safety for the pressurized equipment, the “Pederzani Impianti” is a manufacturer of pipes, collectors and equipment realized by our operative staff qualified through the WPQ license and certified by our specialized technicians.
We own the SOA certificates for the following categories:

  • Cat. OG9 Electricity production plants
  • Cat. OG11 Technological plants
  • Cat. OG10 Plant for transforming ad distributing electricity and public lighting systems
  • Cat. OS3 Hydrothermal plants, kitchens and laundries
  • Cat. OS22 Water treatment plants
  • Cat. OS28 Heating and air-conditioning plants
  • Cat. OS30 Internal electrical, telephone, radio and television plants.
  • OHS-331 Sistema di Gestione della Sicurezza e della Salute sul luogo di lavoro  Download
  • ISO 9001: 2008 Progettazione, Installazione e manutenzione di impianti tecnologici in ambito civile, industriale e pubblico  Download
  •  ISO 14001: 2004 Progettazione, Installazione e manutenzione di impianti idrici, termici, di condizionamento e tecnologici in ambito civile, industriale e pubblico Download
  •  SOA Attestazione di qualificazione alle esecuzione di lavori pubblici Download
  • Controllo delle perdite, recupero di gas fluorurati ad effetto serra, Installazione, manutenzione o riparazione Download


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