Demineralization plants IDRO DEMI

To demineralize the water means to eliminate partially or almost totally the dissolved mineral salts it contains. The water obtained by the demineralization process is very similar to the chemical particle composed only of two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen.

This water is required for several industrial uses, such as the feeding of steam generators, the washing waters for bottling, textile, galvanic and electronic industries, the preparations of drinks or pharmaceutical products. The IDRO DEMI demineralizers work according to the principle of removing dissolved ions by means of exchange resins regenerated by semiautomatic or automatic working.

The choice of the components, the principle of the design, make these plants, in their simplicity, reliable, durable and safe, characteristics common to all Pederzani Impianti products.

The adjusting and testing equipment are electronic, made of solid-state components designed with a refined, digital technology.

The production line is divided in MOD from 0,1 cubic meter/h to 30 cubic meter/h.

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