Iron and manganese eliminating filters series: IDRO-FZA

Sono dei filtri speciali, in cui la fase di filtrazione è articolata nel passaggio dell’acqua grezza addizionata con Permanganato di Potassio su They are special filters where filtration part consists of the passage raw water charged with potassium on a particular quartzite bed with differentiated layers in different granulometries and of a main manganese zeolite layer, in order to eliminate the possible turbidity, the presence of iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulphide.
Manganese zeolite is an oxidising and filtering material obtained subjecting “GLAUCONITE”, a material best known as “Greensand” to a particular process. This material’s main characteristic is the capacity to exchange electrons; this means that it can oxidise iron and manganese as long as the electron’s source is active. Electrons can be continuously or intermittenly supplied, using an oxidising product as potassium permanganate.
They are particularly indicated in the filtration of water be purified, for the filtration of industrial
water and / or as a pretreatment upstream of water softening and reverse osmosis.

The range offers machines with flow from to 50 mc/h; for bigger flow you have to considerate versions with two or more filters in parallel.

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