Plant design

We design, build and install technological, mechanical and electrical systems with the same passion, professionalism and experience for the civil, tertiary and industrial sectors. Pederzani Impianti technicians and designers are continuously searching for innovative technological solutions, availing of the support and know-how of its main partners around the world. The innovation and development compartment ensures constant technological advancement through continuous training.



Pederzani Impianti specialises in the design and manufacture of civil and industrial central heating systems with particular attention on safety, protection and control of the systems. The main intervention sectors are: Industrial: agro-foodstuff, textile, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, engineering and civil: hospitals, nursing homes, tourist resorts, shopping centres and private homes.


The vast experience in the plant design sector combined with constant training and technical updating enables Pederzani Impianti to offer avant-garde systems in industrial refrigeration, in the design and manufacture of refrigeration systems and industrial refrigeration. A control and maintenance service guarantees the continuous efficiency of the systems.


Pederzani Impianti systems are in line with the most innovative and advanced technological, energy-based and design solutions for heating, air conditioning and utilities. The intervention environments are the civil sector, such as hotels, tourist resorts, shopping centres, wellness centres and the tertiary sector. This division also deals with the re-structuring and automation of turnkey systems.


Pederzani Impianti boasts professionalism in the fire prevention sector in the form of avant-garde solutions to prevent risks and ensure buildings are safe pursuant to the standards outlined in legislation in force. Specifically, the fire-prevention system was recently manufactured in the logistical division of a leading company in the textile-clothing sector with dry sprinklers, composed of a tubing network measuring 23km long with 7150 installed. The systems offered by Pederzani Impianti are as follows: feasibility study – detailed engineering – technical-commercial supervision and maintenance of the systems proposed.

Preassemblaggio Impianti

Pederzani Impianti pre-assembles technological plants of any kind, to reduce building time on the building site to the minimum, with inevitable disadvantages for the client. Castelgoffredo, our headquarters and design centre, contains mechanical and electrical workshops, where the systems are prepared for pre-assembly. Having prepared the manufacturing design of the systems and carried out installation site surveying, we proceed to the manufacturing plan useful for pre-fabrication and pre-assembly of the plants and all their parts. This synergic passage enables a considerable reduction in the subsequent start-up times.


In an industrial field, as in the civil field, environmental control of the production departments and homes is of primary importance. The air conditioning system must guarantee temperature and humidity conditions suitable for the environment in each climatic condition in relation to indoor variables and indoor activities. The system with this performance must work for cooling, air exchange with filtration, humidification or dehumidification.
Pederzani Impianti can offer the most technologically advanced application by optimising the most diversified intended use, whether civil, industrial and or commercial or for single or centralised utilities.


Pederzani impianti has gained vast experience in the design and manufacture of infrastructures for medical gas distribution networks. Staff qualification and use of reliable technologies allow us to fulfil every order. Pederzani impianti also works on existing systems to implement technologies and adaptations on the systems.

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