Resize of costruzione
Pederzani Impianti specialises in the construction and assembly of industrial and civil systems for water, air, electricity and green service divisions..
The experience, the modern equipment and the technologies used in the plant design are Pederzani Impianti’s strength, proposed as an important partner on national and international markets..
Added value is given by possible pre-assembly of system parts, to reduce building time on the building site to the minimum, with inevitable inconvenience for the client. Castelgoffredo, our headquarters and design centre, contains a warehouse, mechanical and electrical workshops, where parts are prepared for pre-assembly. Having prepared the manufacturing design of the systems and carried out installation site surveying, we proceed to the manufacturing plan useful for pre-fabrication and pre-assembly of the plants and all their parts. This synergic passage enables a considerable reduction in the subsequent start-up times.



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