Activated filters IDRO CA

The activated carbon filters are used fortreatment of water destined for human consumption for the destruction of chlorinated solvents and pesticides; in the primary water treatment, for the dechlorination and deodorizing, are essential in the treatment of wastewater for the slaughter of COD, organic matter and color; then they are the foundamental stadium for wastewater reuse plants.

The water to be treated, previously filtered is passed on a particular bed of coconut activated carbon, able to eliminate the presence of organic matter, to reduce chemical oxygen demand (COD) to the values required by regulations, and to remove unpleasant color and odor.

They are particularly suitable for the filtration of water to make drinkable, for the filtration of industrial water and / or as pre-treatment of reverse osmosis plants for water reuse.

The range includes machines with capacities from 5 to 57 mc / h, for bigger flow rates there have to be considered versions with two or more filters in parallel.

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