Rapid filters in differentiated layers series: IDRO MST

The filtration is that exclusively physical process of separation of the solid particles from the liquid that transport them: this is obtained thanks to the passage on a medium able to keep the suspensions particles and to let pass the liquid part.

They are filters where the filtering phase is divided into the passage of untreated water on a particular quartzite bed in differentiated layers made up of quartz sand in 5 decreasing granulometries and of a final layer of anthracite to eliminate also the most fine particles and the presence of suspended colloidal substances. They are particularly indicated for very fine impurities and they accept elevated filtration
velocity; thay are used in filtration of drinking water, industrial and/or waste water intended to the re-utilization. The range offers machines with flow from 6 to 90 mc/h; for bigger flow you have to considerate versions with two or more filters in parallel.

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