Potabilization plants series IDRO POTABLE RO for well water, brackish and sea water..

These plants are characterized by the reverse osmosis technology for producing very good quality water with low salinity from well and/or saline-water.

The drinking water produced has a salinity lower than 300 ppm of TDS and it complies with the World Organization of Health directives and with ECC directives relative to drinking water EC 80/778.

Each plant is composed by the following sections:
• Pretreatment for the elimination of pollutants (heavy metal, organic substances, oxidizing, agents, etc.).
• 5 micron microfiltration.
• Reverse Osmosis.
• Sterilization with Ultraviolet lamps.
• Each plant is skid-mounted supplied, it is totally automatic and monitored by microprocessor.

• The productive capacity of this range offers plants from 0.5 mc/h to 150 mc/h.

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