Plants for wastewater reuse Series: IDRO RICICLO

The plants are designed to reuse wastewater of both civil and industrial settlements.
These plants uses membrane technology combined with biological treatment or physical-chemical plants to produce water of high quality with low salinity reusing wastewater in civil and / or industrial settlements.
The water produced by this plant line can be Reused for irrigation, to power showers – toilets and washing machines in the case of civil waste; while industrial waste water after treatment may be reused in the same industrial process, reducing significantly the exhaust and therefore impact environmental.
Each plant is designed for specific customer requirements and can use as needed the following technologies:
• Biological activated sludge plants
• Chemical and physical plants
• Flotation
• Dosage systems
• Filtration on quartzite and activated carbon
• Filtration on selective resins
• Treatment with membranes (ultrafiltration – Reverse Osmosis – MBR)
• UV disinfection
• Ozone systems

Each system is supplied pre-assembled on skid (construction works excluded) is fully automatic and controlled by PLC.
The production capacity of this line includes plants from 1 to 50 mc / h.
For higher flow rates you have to contact our staff directly.

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