A vacuum evaporation system is a plant for concentrating water based solution, exploiting the effect combined of the void and of the heat pump to get the ebullition to low temperature (30-40°C) of the liquids. The plant, for heating of the watery solution, it determines the separation among the fraction that, sets under the operational conditions of exercise, it vaporizes, and the part not evaporated that it stays in the kettle.
The separation, the degree of separation and the hourly production are tightly dependent from the physical characteristics of the present substances in the solution and from the relative concentrations.
The watery solution – inhaled in continuous in the plant through the void -is heated in an tube & shell heat exchanger and placel in forced circulation in the boiling chamber.
The produced vapors are condensed in a shell ad tube condenser. The distillate is carried in continuous toward the reservoir of service, and subsequently relaunched to the final storage, while the assembled residue is unloaded through the circulating pump.
These instruments are employed, in cascade to other typologies of fittings, for a maximum concentration of residues. They are available in various models and Versions.

Food – dairy – Graphic arts and photography –Refuse drumps – Wine making – Herbal shop –Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Cosmetics – Galvanisation – Mechanical processing –
Die-casting – Rubber Industry – Jewellers – Dye works – Paintings – Thermic treatment – Feed production.

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