IDRO ARSENX are special filters for the arsenic abatement in the water for human consume.

The filtration consists in a passage of raw water on a particular quartzite bed made of differentiated layers in different granulometries and of a main layer of a special sand called ARSENX in order to bring the presence of arsenic inside the law limits.

In this passage the arsenic salts are kept by the micro porous phase and absorbing of the sand, which correctly modified allows today to considerably reduce the backwash time and the warrant of having an arsenic concentration at a level that is very lower that the 10 ppb limit.

They are particularly indicated in the treatment of water that has to become potable; for treatment of industrial water in food to food and pharmaceutical industries.

The range includes items from 1 to 8 cubic meter/h; for bigger flow you have to consider solutions with more filters.

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